VisNow provides plugins mechanism to extend the basic library of the modules. Each plugin can be read into VisNow in runtime and provides additional library.

Plugin installation

Each plugin is packaged as a .zip file which contains a single directory. To install the plugin follow the steps:

  • Unzip the downloaded plugin file.
  • Option#1:
    • Copy the unzipped plugin directory into .visnow/plugins/ subdirectory in your home directory (.visnow directory should be created on first VisNow application run) or into plugins subdirectory inside your VisNow installation
    • Run VisNow
    • Open preferences window (menu Edit -> Preferences) and go to Plugins tab
  • Option#2:
    • Keep the unzipped plugin directory at any path of your choice
    • Run VisNow
    • Open preferences window (menu Edit -> Preferences) and go to Plugins tab
    • Add new plugin directory (directory that contains directories with plugins) by pressing Add... button and selecting a parent directory where your unzipped one is stored
  • You should see all available plugins on the list in the bottom part. Activate plugins by selecting active checkbox next to plugin name
  • Accept and close preferences window by pressing OK button
  • You should see a new plugin modules library in the library tree panel 

Available plugins

Plugin name Description VisNow version
BioFormats reader Provides a reader module for reading of all data file formats supported by BioFormats library. v1.3-RC2 Download
(?? MB)
DESIR plugin Provides modules developed within DESIR project. Includes a reader module for opening BibSonomy export files in JSON format or querying BibSonomy API, and a module for 3D graph placement.  v1.3-RC2 Download
(6.5 MB)