VisNow - a generic data visualization platform

VisNow is a generic visualization platform in Java technology. It was originally designed and developed by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM) at the University of Warsaw for over a decade. 

Since 2020 VisNow development made a step towards the open-source community and is now developed by the association, still with significant contribution from ICM and the original VisNow team!

On this web page, you can find VisNow extensions and applications developed by the ICM that do not contribute to projects, as well as some legacy materials and old VisNow releases.   


About VisNow

VisNow is a modular data flow driven platform enabling users to create schemes for data visualization, visual analysis, data processing, and simple simulations. Motivated by the 'Read and Watch' idea, VisNow shows the data as soon and fast as possible giving further opportunity for processing and more in-depth visualization. In a few steps, it can create professional images and movies as well as discover unknown information hidden in datasets.

VisNow, not trying to be yet another visualization tool, is targeted at overcoming the drawbacks of other similar software platforms. It is subject to the following keynotes:

  • Clear and legible desktop
  • Network creation support
  • Multifunctional modules
  • Module-Object-Interface connection



VisNow development was partially supported by "OCEAN - Open Centre for Data Analysis" project, co-funded within the European Regional Development Fund under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme


VisNow v1.4.0 available

Thursday, 29 October 2020

VisNow v1.4.0 is available for download NOW! Go to web page to get the installers for Linux, Windows, or macOS.


This is the first VisNow release under the new community branding - However, VisNow still remains the same best visualization application that you know.

Major changes: rebranding; new Point Field data type; LAS reader module for LIDAR point cloud data support; HDF5/CDM4 reader and writer modules; Updated CSV reader; Updated component calculator module; differential operations module now supports time derivatives; Refreshed movie creation panel; Added even more support for physical units.

Major bugfixes: Rendering library upgraded to new Java3D/JOGL versions; Lots of code optimizations; Resolved a number of VisNow freezes on newer operating systems; Fixed problems in graph 3d and line probe modules; Fixed issues in writing ASCII VNF files; Fixed problems in flow visualization module; Fixed problems with 1D fields rendering.

Monday, 03 February 2020

VisNow development has made a significant step towards the open-source community! It is now developed and hosted by the association with contributions from a wider visualization community. ICM and the original VisNow team still is and will remain one of the main contributors! Got o web page for more information and news.

VisNow v1.3.1 available

Saturday, 09 November 2019

VisNow v1.3.1 is available for download NOW! Go to the download section to get the installers for Linux, Windows or macOS.


This is still VisNow in the full version with all functionalities. Within this release, we've focused on improving the support for large regular fields and fixed a bunch of bigger and smaller bugs. 

Major changes: Improved large data support; The new interface in component calculator module; Added support of coordinate units; Added support of large 3D fields in the image reader; Lots of bugfixes.

Major bugfixes: Solved thread deadlock on newer Linux systems; Solved number of issues on newer macOS systems; Fixed some bugs in the stationary flow visualization module; Fixed interpretation of 16-bit DICOMs.

VisNow tutorial at Supercomputing Frontiers Europe 2019 conference

Tuesday, 05 March 2019

Supercomputing Frontiers conference is coming next week to Warsaw, Poland again - as SCFE 2019. This second release of SCFE conference again will become a place of visionary look at the future of supercomputing. The tutorials programme this year covers programming with Julia, programming with Adios and introduction to visualization with VisNow. Participants of our training will be able to work with VisNow v1.3 version, with a number of new functionalities like physical units support, new probing modules or integrated flow visualization module.

Visualization workshop for Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University

Monday, 22 October 2018

Ph.D. students from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, School of Exact Sciences, took part in the scientific data visualization workshop organized by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling. The participants had the opportunity to use VisNow to learn on best practices in scientific visualization on real-world case studies. "I'm highly impressed by the ICM Technology Centre and the classes. Both presentations and practical activities with VisNow were prepared and presented professionally" said one of the participants.  

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