VisNow v1.4.0 is available for download NOW! Go to web page to get the installers for Linux, Windows, or macOS.


This is the first VisNow release under the new community branding - However, VisNow still remains the same best visualization application that you know.

Major changes: rebranding; new Point Field data type; LAS reader module for LIDAR point cloud data support; HDF5/CDM4 reader and writer modules; Updated CSV reader; Updated component calculator module; differential operations module now supports time derivatives; Refreshed movie creation panel; Added even more support for physical units.

Major bugfixes: Rendering library upgraded to new Java3D/JOGL versions; Lots of code optimizations; Resolved a number of VisNow freezes on newer operating systems; Fixed problems in graph 3d and line probe modules; Fixed issues in writing ASCII VNF files; Fixed problems in flow visualization module; Fixed problems with 1D fields rendering.